Excavated Civil War Confederate Whitworth Sniper Bullet

This is a dug Civil War Whitworth Confederate Sniper Bullet . Great patina, 45-cal , 1 7/16" (+/- 1/32) in length, over 500 gr. This bullet was located by metal detector, (my metal detecting club), and dug from 7 to 10 inches deep. It is in great condition, with good patina. Please zoom the photos.

Several of these were found by my club in a very small area near a documented Civil War era garrison that is now a neighborhood and I will be listing others with varying degrees of condition; some obviously fired, some that look to have been dropped and even a couple with minor trowel damage from an over-enthusiastic excavation. We thought it looked to be a firing range since we were finding lots of other Civil War era bullets and some artifacts.

This item, as with all of my metal detector finds, was dug with the land-owners full consent. Thank you for viewing this item. Shipping for this item is fixed at $3.00 and in any multiple bullet purchases, the shipping will be combined. Additional shipping charges by PayPal will be returned in cash in your shipment, (my PayPal account is not set up for multiple shipping). Thanks again!