Exceedingly Rare & Authentic ACADEMY AWARD OSCAR STATUE


This magnificent piece has been the cornerstone of my collection for nearly 25 years. I believe this to be an original and authentic Academy Award plaque which was given to the Best Supporting Actor and Actress instead of statuettes for the first seven years from 1937 – 1943. The Best Supporting Actor and Actress Awards were created in 1937. My understanding is that the plaques could later be exchanged for statuettes after 1943 which I believe makes them even rarer.

As you can see, the original base which would have carried the engraved plaque is missing. Unfortunately, this will make it very hard to attribute the award. But I believe that does not diminish the historical significance or rarity of this piece. A replacement base was added later and also appears to be quite old. This is how I purchased it in London in the early 1980's.

I am convinced without a doubt that this is authentic by its size, weight, patina, and condition.

The award is substantial and weighs a hefty 5 pounds (+/-). It appears to be gold plated britannium. The plaque minus the replacement base is 5 inches wide, by 5 ½ inches tall at the highest point. The base is one inch high and 6 ¾ inch wide. There are wear marks on the high spots, light contact marks overall and patina one would expect for 60+ years.

I have done some internet research over the years and have found photos of identical awards displayed at early Academy Awards ceremonies. There are always fewer plaques displayed than statuettes so I believe this also verifies the rarity of the award. The only person I have ever seen holding the award is Hattie McDaniel who received hers in 1939 as the first African American honoree. I have attached a couple of those pictures (please note, these pictures are not included in the auction). McDaniel’s award unfortunately disappeared many years ago and I have always imagined this one as hers. Here is a link to an excellent article about the disappearance of her award:


You can also find original footage of Hattie McDaniels accepting her award on the official Academy website. Please note, I am in NO way suggesting that this is McDaniel's award. I am simply using her as an example of one who recieved such an award.

Also, please do not mistake this for the current Science and Technology Academy Award. Those awards read “Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Scientific and Engineering Award”. I have seen and handled these awards and I don’t believe they are as substantial as this one.

I have occasionally research this award over the past 25 years and have never encountered another one. This is a remarkable opportunity for the Oscar collector!

I am not an expert on the subject so I welcome any comments for experts or knowledgeable Ebayers!

Please note, the following is from Wikipedia:

"Ownership of Oscar statues - S ince 1950, the Academy has legally required that neither winners nor their heirs may sell the statuettes without first offering them to the Academy for 1 dollar. Academy Awards not protected by this agreement have sold for six-figures". Since this award is clearly before 1950, it is not encumbered by this agreement.


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