Excel Collection Isle of Man FDCs for 2003-04 all spec HS (19) @68p

Excellent collection of Isle of Man FDCs for 2003-04 . There are 19 covers in total (see photo for full contents). All covers have special handstamps and all covers are unaddressed.

Good Cat and face approx £50 but priced to sell at less than £1.

UK postage is £3.30 first or £2.80 second (includes 60p for jiffy bag). Note that I always combine multiple lot wins to reduce your P&P charge - you only ever pay actual Royal Mail cost.

NOTE TO BUYERS - my FDC collections are usually described as either Superb, Excellent or Good. In general Superb is reserved for later covers that are in pretty much pristine condition - later covers have generally not gone through the post and therefore are generally found in great condition. Excellent is reserved for better collections which whilst not reaching superb standard, are still in very good condition. Good is used to described a generally acceptable level - note that most 80s and prior covers have been through the post and have generally less good quality covers - these almost always have a less good appearance than later covers. The description of a lot describes the general standard throughout the collection - there often will be covers above or below this standard. In collections I will only refer to indivual condition if certain covers represent a much higher
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