Excellent Art Badge ~ 6" HEMP PATCH ~ Yin Yang Mandala

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Aloha! This listing is for a excellent hemp

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Winning Bidders of this listing may choose from the following five color options for their Yin Yang hemp badge while quantities last....Blue, Green, Purple, Black, or Black/Gold...Winning bidders of this listing, please notify us of your choice when you make payment or by email (if no choice is made, we will choose one for you :)

*** Or choose the Tibetan Knot of Eternity, OM, or OM Mandala in the same color choices ***

This listing is for a well-tailored hemp patch sewn using a very old sewing machine in the himalayan kingdom of Nepal. The patch measures approximately 6" x 6" (sometimes 1/4" less or 1/4" more) It shows the timelyess symbol, Yin Yang within a mandala ... Mandalas are circular diagrams that act as microcosms for larger concepts, such as one's own life or the universe. They are widely used as meditation aids in Vajrahyana Buddhism or tantra. Yin Yang are the two parts that form the whole. Female/male, wet/dry, warming/cooling etc. It is a way of explaining the duality of the universe, all phenomena being part yin and part yang in order to be complete.



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