Excellent Chinese Scroll Painting By Qi BaiShi


Width:30 cm* Length:68 cm

About Artist :

Qi Baishi (1864 ─ 1957), formerly known as Pure Chicago, word Wei Qing, later renamed Juan word Bin Health, No. the Whitehead, baishishan Weng. Hunan Xiangtan people. Modern Chinese painting masters, world cultural celebrities. Early years was a carpenter, after to Maihua living, aged 57, settled in Beijing. Good at painting flowers, birds, insects, fish, landscapes, figures, Cuinian Reform, pen and ink forceful moist, rich and gaudy colors and bright, vivid and concise style, the mood is pure and honest and simple. Made fish and insects crab, day interesting phenomena. The its the book work Zhuanli, borrowing from the Qin and Han Beiban and The Running Script Rao unadorned Fun, and seal Zichengyijia, also poetry. He was honorary professor of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and chairman of the Chinese Artists' Association. Representative "the frogs Shili the spring" "ink shrimp". With "Whitehead Shicao" Whitehead elderly Readme.

Description :

Chinese painting is one brilliant page in Chinese culture and civilization history. They are one of the China's treasures. The significant kinds of Chinese paingings which are prominent in Chinese paintings history, are the following: character, landscape, waterscape, flowers and birds... They are the symbols
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