Excelsior Spring of Saratoga, C.W. Lawrence, Proprietor, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

Extremely Rare, 4 Panel Folder, Photo 1. Excelsior Spring of Saratoga, nice inset of the Excelsior Spring building, C.W. Lawrence, Proprietor, Saratoga Springs, N.Y. Price List, A Natural Saratoga Water Direct From The Spring At Saratoga. Photo 2. View of EXCELSIOR SPRING and Portion of EXCELSIOR PARK, Wonderful Engraved Scene, Photo 4. Left Panel, engraving of The Spring at Saratoga & Section of Excelsior Spring, short narrative, Right Panel, Analysis of the Excelsior Spring Water of Saratoga, short narrative, Photo 5. Left panel, Explanation of the Diagrams, nice inset of the Excelsior Spring Spigot, narrative, Right Panel, Diagram of The Water on Draught, Photo 6. Left panel, Testimonials, Right Panel, How to use the Water, detailed narrative, Fantastic 4 panel engraved folder, very well conceived, with narratives containing a wealth of information on The Excelsior Spring of Saratoga, Folded: 5 5/8in. x 3 3/16in. Unfolded: 5 5/8in. x 12 5/8in.
I'm selling a few of my Better trade cards utilizing a format similar to the Bulkley Collection will be listing 10-20 cards per week ending Saturday nights, for the foreseeable future.I have described the cards and their flaws in great detail, probably to my detriment. But I want my buyers to know exactly what they are getting. Hopefully there will be No Surprises
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