Exceptional Antique Leather / Premium Bound Library Book Lot / Victorian 1800s

Great Collection of Antique Leather & Victorian Bound Books
5 Shelves of Books
Presented here is a Collection Victorian and Leather bound Treasures This Library lot cover's many different interests and topics. This collection of books is more than a decoration they are fantastic investment. The Estate holder is motivated to sell and these books have been cared for and treasured. Listing will be run once on eBay after which they will be consigned to local bookstore if unsold.
There are a total of 59 books The majority of the books are 19th C. and some early 20th C. 99% of the books are over 100 years old.
Books may be full leather ,1/2 leather,Cloth, &Victorian will not be re-listed under any circumstance whatsoever
One thing to always keep in mind when purchasing books is scarce titles in this condition are not easy to come by and usually don't come twice.