Exceptionally Nice Original 1951 Proof Set in Original Cellophane

Exceptionally Nice Original 1951 Proof Set in Original Cellophane. Unlike most of these sets you see , the cellophane on this set has no cracks, holes or tears. This 1951 Proof Set looks like it came out of the Mint yesterday. Both the Franklin and the Washington have a light cameo on both obverse and reverse. The coins are spot free with just a hint of toning . Did you notice the $4.25 price marked on the envelope? Free S&H.
A word of caution. A lot of coin dealers use eBay as a dumping ground for "Problem" coins and sets. The last thing they want to do is sell a problem coin to a customer and then have the buyer find out he bought junk. Some other sellers are out and out thieves. Consider the sellers who offer " Unsearched" rolls purchased at an "Estate Sale". They artificially "age" paper rolls, stick a decent 1 909 Indian Cent showing on one end and the other end will show an Indian Cent reverse with an "S" Mint Mark. They want you to believe that maybe, just maybe, you might find a roll of valuable coins. Isn't that nice of them to let you in on this potential gold mine of riches. They even invent non -existent banks. One seller had rolls of sealed dollars from the , "Carson City National Bank". Just be careful and don't believe everything you hear. For every legitimate good deal out there are thousands of rip offs.
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