Exclusive Hand Carved Owl Baltic Amber Figurine w Insect ANT

Exclusive Hand Carved Owl Genuine Real Baltic Amber with insect
Exclusive Hand Carved Owl Genuine Real Baltic Amber with insect, this Owl are made of 100% real Baltic amber.
Baltic amber is very fragile, be careful, try not to drop it.
All items are packed in Gift boxes or Organza bags depending on the size and value.
I am not selling and I am not working with plastic, epoxid resin, fake amber, china amber,
young copal amber or pressed amber.
3,31 Grams
0,11 Oz
Amber size:
26,2 x 19,2 x 11,2 mm
(I measure them through thickest places)
Maximum size of insect ~ 2,5 mm
(1 Inch = 25,4 mm )
About Baltic Amber:
Baltic amber is fossil resin produced by pine trees which grew in Northern Europe about 40-60 million years ago. The resin was washed out of the forest floor by large rivers and transported south towards the sea. In the course of time the resin was transformed to amber due to processes of polymerization and oxidation.
I am folk artist and working with wood and amber from 1990 year, because I am born and grown by the Baltic Sea. I have my vocation to work with amber, to show his abilities, properties, possess healing qualities and beauty. Our family works jewelry from Baltic amber ( beads, bracelet, earrings, pendants )
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