Exclusive Precious Moments Father and Daughter Figurine

Exclusive Precious Moments Father and Daughter Figurine Celebrates the Loving Bond! Unique Sentimental Gift ..

BRAND NEW AND A FIRST EDITION RELEASE.. From the time a little girl bounces on her dad's knee to her wedding day when he gives her away, a daughter is always Daddy's little girl! Now you can celebrate the precious bond between a daughter and her dad with this Precious Moments® father and daughter figurine .. Filled with tender emotion, this adorable collectible from Precious Moments makes the perfect sentimental gift for a dad or a daughter to cherish forever.

Handcrafted of fine bisque PORCELAIN in the signature Precious Moments pastel colors, you'll fall in love with every "loving, caring and sharing" detail in this Precious Moments father and daughter figurine. From the sweet girl's graceful pose as she stands on her daddy's toes to his gentle embrace as he holds her close, their adoring expressions as they dance are sure to melt your heart. Finished with the tender inscription, "Daddy's Little Girl," this heartfelt figurine makes a treasured keepsake for you or to give as a collectible Precious Moments gift.

Handcrafted of fine bisque porcelain in signature Precious Moments soft palette of pastel hues to capture every endearing detail, from their teardrop eyes and golden hair to adoring expressions and
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