Exercise Ball w/ Anti Burst & Pump - 65 cm Yellow

Exercise Ball w/ Anti Burst & Pump - 65 cm Yellow Brand New!
larger. Our Exercise Ball features anti burst design and excellent durability for a super low price!
An exercise ball can help strengthen your core muscles for balance and stability, improve posture, and can also be used to complement several different exercise styles including Pilates, Yoga, pushups, crunches, leg lifts, and more. Our exercise ball is burst resistant , and includes a pump.
Product Features
Anti burst design Made from soft, durable plastic Exercise ball can strengthen and tone muscles of the hips, back, legs, hands, arms and shoulders Helps develop and tighten your core, improving balance, stability, and coordination Perform crunches and sit-ups without straining your back Easy to clean Great for home use
Exercise ball Hand pump Inflation instructions and sample exercises Specifications
Circumference: 65 cm Recommended for anyone 5' 6" to 5' 11'' Max weight: 275 lbs An exercise ball is commonly used in Pilates routines. Pilates is an exercise program created in Germany by Joseph Pilates. The technique is based on principles of breathing, centering, control, concentration, precision, flexibility and efficiency of movement. An exercise ball is just one of several props used in the practice of pilates. (Information

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