:: Mirror: EXQUISITE Red with purple hue.
This rare lens has the same exotic look of Ruby Quartz Plus8 by our CustomXmetal division,
but with superior optical performance. It is certainly our most popular lens color by far and a
head turner. It took years to develop the color and is extremely difficult to manufacture,
so they will always be exclusive and unique!!
:: Tint: Neutral Grey with 15% transmission rate for medium to bright light conditions.
Excellent tint choice for general, everyday use.
:: Optical Performance: Guaranteed to meet OEM lens in optical clarity.
EXOVISTA is a premium lens division of the same company that produces InitialTech,
, and keystone_corporation lenses. EXOVISTA lenses have higher optical
correctness and clarity compared to these other divisions and most non-polarized
sunglass lens sold around the world.
:: Reflectivity: Medium - others will be able to see wearer's eyes in certain light conditions.
:: Includes: 1 pair of lens in authentic EXOVISTA box.