EXP 1000 Cigarette Tube Injector Machine

EXP 1000 Cigarette Tube Injector Machine Shipping | Return Policy Description Stop right if your looking for a durable, in-expensive cigarette injector machine that easily makes exceptional sticks. Durable in that it is harder to break than any other injector on the market....even high end table models. Over one million EXP 1000's have been sold!
This machine addresses all of the short comings of all other injectors. Thanks to the EXP 1000's sturdy construction, it features shorter components that reduce joint operating angles making it practically impossible to overfill with tobacco and jam.
It makes a cigarette in five seconds and a full pack in less than five minutes - regular, kings & 100's. Simply place any cigarette tube you like on the nozzle, fill the tobacco chamber with your favorite tobacco ... pull the handle on top of the the unit as far forward as it will go (this movement will close the tobacco chamber and cut off any excess tobacco filler). The tobacco is now compressed into the shape of a cigarette. The machine will grip and hold the cigarette tube in position to be filled. Now ..slowly push the slide on the bottom toward the left until it stops... and voila' you have a freshly rolled cigarette in seconds... effortlessly!
Did I mention the compact size of this unit? Well at 4.125”(L) x 4.75
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