Experimental Levay Magenta OOAK Art Glass Vase Pair

This pair of vases is an experimental set crafted by late glass artisan Gary Levi, owner and master craftsman of the Levay art glass factory.
when the factory was unexpectedly shut down over a decade ago, the act was sudden- and Gary had always hoped to reopen again. Orders sat at the door, shrink wrapped and waiting to be shipped. Unfinished pieces sat by the kilns that were never fired up again. Pieces like these two beautiful vases were waiting for approval and development in Gary's former office. Covered with years of dust, we were delighted to find this pair of beauties this week while continuing to sort through pieces in the abandoned art glass factory.
Standing about 6.75" in height, this matching pair of vases is crafted out of a lavender magenta glass and polished to a high gloss shine. The top has been hand crafted into a feminine ruffle. While they aren't identical, this pair go beautifully together and we just couldn't split them up. These pieces are about 3.5" in width at their base.
Undamaged, no chips or cracks, these pieces are unsigned as many experimental works. Own a piece of history with this beautiful set of vases- one of a kind and perfect for displaying your fresh garden blooms. These pieces would make great gifts for an art glass collector looking for something a bit more unique, especially
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