Expose of 30 Years of Mental Magic Act

One of America's Premier Mentalists Gives Away the Store
If you've ever wanted to get inside the mind of one of America's underground mentalists, you've finally got your chance, on Ebay.
Dave Harper exploded on the scene in the early 1980's performing after dinner programs, college events, corporate pep rallies, and all events under the sun. Dave's forte was always the smaller, more intimate gatherings instead of the large raucous, everything-up-for-grab events that many performers cherish today.
I have performed as Dave Harper for many years, and I am offering you a deal, you'll not get anyw else.
My after dinner mentalism program has been sold on Ebay.
My corporate mentalism program has sold on Ebay.
My Séance program has sold on Ebay.
Now, for the first time, I am offering ALL my mentalism packages TOGETHER as a unit in one BIG package.
YES, ONE BIG PACKAGE that includes my Séance act, my After Dinner Mentalism act, and my Corporate Mentalism act, ALL in ONE, BIG, FAT, BEEFY PACKAGE. EIGHT Cds and ONE giant RESOURCE CD-ROM.
descriptions of the Acts included in this package:
After Dinner Act
Insider Secrets About What Really Goes On "Behind the Curtain" in the World of a Professional Mentalist
This package is a "no-holds barred" look at the world of professional stage mentalism.
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