Exquisite Amethyst Art Nouveau Cameo Glass Vase ORCHIDS

Beautiful Layered Glass Cameo Art VaseHallmarks & Provenance: T is a mark on the bottom; unidentifiable to me. Circa is unknown to me, however I believe t is age to this piece, I would estimate 1920’s? Provenance not certain. Description

· Beautifully hand designed glass art vase with multiple layers of glass from heavy amethyst to dark brown.

· Very heavy glass, with carved out flowers that I believe are Orchids with huge leaves.

Photo Gallery

· Please wander around my photo gallery to examine the design, mold, artistic elements and condition issues important to you.


· This vase is in excellent condition; no damage to the glass. Couple surface marks.


· 11” high; 3-1/2” rim opening; 2-1/2” base.

· Weighs 2.2 pounds unpacked.

Seller’s Notes

· I am not a glass person, but this is a wonderful cameo vase with substantial artistic workmanship. When the light shines through it, a collage of colors appear!

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