EXQUISITE-c1906 EDWARDIAN 14K GOLD REPOUSSE BANGLE-25gm I am pleased to offer this absolutely STUNNING Edwardian 14k Gold Repousse bangle bracelet. ..it is very rare as it has a DOUBLE hinge...and pulls open from BOTH sides..and when opened a thick slider bar appears on either side. and you push it shut to close and lock.. and INGENIOUS and very secure closure A VERY RARE HEIRLOOM BANGLE..and So Ornate .....and t is a central large poppy on either side and flanking these are the largest REPOUSSE SCROLLS and the patterning is around the entire outer surface is in FABULOUS ANTIQUE condition and would suit the serious buyer. It is stamped inside PAT PENDING JUNE 26th 1906. Any dark shadows in the photos are simply reflection due to its high sheen. ..my photos are taken outside in full sunlight to give an accurate appraisal of the items condition , as photos taken under artificial light tend to hide imperfections. HISTORY It is Circa 1906 by design and styling and patent stamp, and is a rare piece indeed. I have only ever had one other with this hinge design in my possession . It is stamped on the inside slider bars PAT PENDING JUNE 26th 1906 and on the other slider bar H & H TRADEMARK . It is not stamped for gold content but the outer surface tests positive for 14 karat gold and this is gold shell ... .. . Antique Gold Shell is ... read more