EXQUISITE Gorham Alvin Sterling and Green Glass vase

We have for auction an exquisite Gorham Alvin vase in perfect condition. This elegant, tall vase has spent almost 40 years in a china cabinet. It is a rare and wonderful object that comes in two pieces which screw into place (note the markings in the pictures w the pieces are separated). The sterling silver base can be easily polished when separated from the beautiful green glass vase piece. The green glass is easily washed without damaging the sterling silver base. The dimensions, first, with the pieces separated and then, with the pieces together are shown by the tape measure in the pictures. This incredibly beautiful vase was purchased by a Gorham employee in 1967 and given to us as a wedding present. We are now empty-nesters who wish to simplify our lives. The markings on the botttom of the sterling base say: "ALVIN" "Sterling -- Cement Filled Reinforced" "s277" Shipping and insurance are included in the shipping charge. Money back if not satisfied with this purchase.