I think this is the prettiest Trip Around the World quilt that I have ever seen.....

Not a machine stitch on it! Hundreds of 1.25" squares !

Its got a fabulous center medallion, with a striking red frame. When its layed on a bed the center picecing looks like a bear paw design.

Its got great old fabrics from the 1940's I would say--look at the close up the umbrella print--its in pink and in blue.

The quilt is in excellent condtion, I found a small area of spotting on the bindng but it did not photograph well and will likely wash out.

All the seams are intact and even the black fabric doesn't have any wear! The squares are hand pieced and 1.25" big , set on point too, which just makes the whole quilt extra special!

The backing is unbleached muslin, the batting is medium thick cotton. The backing is brought to the front and hand closed for the finished edge.

Each square is hand quilted on 2 sides so that the entire quilt is hand quilted in parallel lines, 6spi

No wear, no split seams, really a beautiful quilt, most have take hundreds of hours to put together!

It measures 64" x 88"

SHIPPING VIA FED EX GROUND WILL BE $15 IN THE U.S. This includes tracking and $100 ins. I am happy to combine shipping so please view my other auctions!