SEt of 9 original antique exterior doric columns/pillars. These were surrounding the porch on my 1907 Greek Revival house. The bases are not in good shape and most have fallen off of the columns. The tops are in much better shape although when they were removed the square part of the tops did not all survive. So I would say that you are getting the round part of each column. The square base and top did not survive coming down.Each column is 88.5 inches tall. The base diameter is 10.5 inches and the top diameter is 9.75 inches (they taper to the top). These are classic carved wood columns in the Doric style. They were original to our house and are probably 107 years old. They are in good condition although there were balustrades attached to some of them so blocks were carved out in order to attach the balustrades at two points on some of them. Some of them are completely without this carved section out because balustrades were not attached to some. these are original hand carved wood. Not machine made!! They are also hollow. The price is for one column. I'm doing it this way because you may want all of them or you may want just one. They all match. The best way to ship these would be through uship. Even better would be local pick up!! I am not sure of the exact cost to ship these to your destination--they would be coming from Central ... read more