Extinct Ice Age Bison Scapula (shoulder blade)

Late Pleistocene to Early Holocene

Bison antiquus occidentalis

This EXCELLENT Scapula (right) has a very beautiful patina. It has been stained in deep caramel brown colors by the peat/clay in which it lay for thousands of years.

This specimen is in excellent condition , and belonged to an adult COW Bison antiquus occidentalis .

The blade has a small chip at the proximal end (see pics) . Otherwise the condition of the bone is PERFECT.

15.4 inches long

8.1 inches wide

These bones and teeth were unearthed by my wife and I from a peat bog in an urban development site in central Minnesota during the 80's and early 90's. We'd been searching the general area for fossil bison etc. since our first finds in 1972-73 along a small creek which flows near the site. Now the peat bog has been replaced by a series of drainage ponds serving the development.

These specimens were legally obtained from private land.

Along with the Bison remains from the Anoka sand plain site #1, we recovered a few scattered remains of quite a number of other types of animals, including; giant beaver ( Castoroides Ohioensis ), wolf ( Canis lupus ?subspecies ), eastern elk ( Cervus elaphus canadensis ), and others. Fish, mammals, reptiles,
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