Extra Long-120-120s-120's-120mm Leather Cigarette Cases

You are bidding on a set of 2 of the Best All Leather, Brand New, Extra Length, Cigarette Cases on Ebay, PERIOD!!!

The 1st is a " jet black" color, while the 2nd is a darker shade of "tanned brown". Both cases are 100% Brand New Leather, and measure exactly 7 inches tall , by 3 inches wide . These particular items are extremely rare and hard to come by, as most cigarette cases today are produced so much more smaller overall, and tend to be made of cheaper "filler" materials , such as recycled plastics, etc. Infact, these cases have so much room, that they can easily accomodate up to 2 packs of the extra long slim 120's length cigarettes , or, even the super ultra long 164's length cigarettes , while still having plenty of space for your lighter, cigarette holder, license, & money. Be sure to view the picture included in the auction, as it will show a clear, decent-sized, image of the cases you are bidding on.

This is a "PAYPAL ONLY" Type Auction, so Please Bid Accordingly!

Winning Bidder's Payment is Due Promptly Upon the Auction Ending!

Please Email Me with any Questions you have Prior to Placing Your Bid!


As additional gifts, the winner of this auction will receive a 1960's vintage, sear's roebuck & company,
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