EXTREMELY RARE - First AmeriVox Test Card #3 WTG SAMPLE Statue of Liberty

AmeriVox was the pioneer company in the prepaid long distance calling card industry. As their business model was taking shape they had four different sample cards made, with each card being limited to a quantity of 20. The third of those four cards was the Statue of Liberty. Those first sample cards were given to the founders of the company. WTG stands for World Telecom Group. I spoke to the most knowledgeable expert in the industry about six weeks ago regarding these sample cards and he said none had been seen in years, and that if I happened to find one in my collection he would board a plane that very day from Florida to Texas to come purchase it personally, but also that that wasn't going to happen because there just aren't any of these cards around anymore. Until I found one. Said expert made an offer that I though was less than commensurate for a card of this rarity, so here I sit.