This auction is for an EXTREMELY RARE 3 COLORED SULPHIDE LION!!! The size is an impressive 1 3/4" ( depending on exactly w you measure it ) & Very Well Centered!! Colored sulphides are rare enough but when found they usually have only 1 or 2 colors on them. So this Lion sulphide having 3 Colors is "VERY RARE" ( Paul Baumann 4th edition, pg 111,..." Very Rarely will t be a sulphide with three or four different colors on the figure...)!! This is in it's original condition, NOT buffed or reconditioned in any way. It's been played with and has that "haze" from tiny scratches & also has some small chips & nicks. Take a good look at the pictures and if t are any questions please ask. The detailing in the lion are quite nice when seen up close. This sulphide might be a canidate for a very light buffing but I'm fan of leaving it in it's original condition, but that's a choice for the New Owner! I have a resonable reserve price on this to protect my investment. This is not a marble you'll likely ever see on E-bay again so take a Good Look and GO FOR IT!! I have other marbles which came from the same collection which I aquired some years back ( a gentleman by the name of Graham Dugas ) and will be putting them up for auction on e-bay also.

The winning bidder add $6.50 for priority shipping w/ delivery confirmation number.
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