An Extremely Rare Short Model Onoto De La Rue Pen , C1914, Fully Restored

This is a very rare example of a 'Short' model Onoto plunge filler from C1914. All the O or 2000 models,as they became known as,that I've come across have an O stamped into the turn knob to the end of the plunge rod. This one though has an S stamped into it.Also its barrel length is about 5 mm longer than the usual short models.Despite trawling the Net I can find no mention of this model.This in itself is not surprising as De La Rues original premises were destroyed by fire and they were known for making a variety of models. Regardless of all that this is an excellent example, the condition of which can be judged from the high resolution close ups provided.There is very slight fading to the BHR which may not be evident in the photos and to be honest can only be seen from close inspection in daylight.The chased design to the body,although worn, is still clearly visible.I have highlighted the name imprint and the S stamp with a chalk pencil but this will be removed before dispatch. The 14ct Onoto De La Rue fine tipped nib has lots of flex and writes beautifully ( see the last photo for a writing sample, not withstanding my limited calligraphic skills! ). The two gold bands I suspect are 14ct but, unusually, are not hallmarked. The stamps they have would appear to be TDLR ( for Thomas De La Rue ) but I'm not certain as they are worn. ... read more