Extremely Rare Western Leslie Henry Davy Crockett Cap Gun & Butterscotch Grips !

Hello. You arelooking at an extremely rare 1955 Beautiful Leslie Henry; Davy Crockett cap gunwith horse-head butterscotch grips. This may be the rarest character cap gun ever made and since G. Schmidt made most of the Davy Crockett cap guns; this may also be the rarest Leslie Henry cap gun ever made! Either way you’re looking at one very rare cap gun; especially in this fine condition.

The trigger & hammer work perfectly together with a hard snap every time. The cap chamber release lever is spring loaded and also works perfectly. The Nickel-Plated finish on this cap gun is real nice (Not even ware at the tip of barrel) except for hammer; as it has fired caps but, not to many, as the chamber is pretty clean. The finish really does have a nice luster to it (Very well taken care of). The Butterscotch grips are absolutely beautiful with NO chips, cracks or scuffs and absolutely no warping to them at all but, even more impressive is the splash of red swirl they have to them!

I have had these beautiful butterscotch grips for many years and have been waiting for just the right cap gun that deserves them and this is it! This cap gun is proper with either the white or butterscotch grips so you may choose the white one if you want (Also NO chips cracks or any warping but, does have some scuffs); that are seen in the second
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