Extremely Rare Western Leslie Henry Davy Crockett Leather Holster for cap guns !

Hello. You arelooking at an extremely rare 1955 Beautiful Leslie Henry; Davy Crockett gunslinger leather holster. This may be the rarest character holster ever made; as it was made for the extremely rare Davy Crockett cap gun; that can be seen in last picture but, NOT FOR SALE in this listing but, for sale in my other listing. The leather is soft, supple, strong and a perfect match for your Leslie Henry Davy Crockett cap gun. Thanks Jon. P.S. If bidder wins both Davy Crockett items than shipping will be FREE for both.

In compliance with EBay’s rules I must informyou that this is a toy cap gun and cannot fire or be made to fire real ammunition. Also can only be sold in the United States to bidders over the age of 18. This cap gun will also be plugged with an orange blaze plug. This toy is not a firearm as classified w, US Code Title 18, Section 921 by Federal Law.