Eye Naga Crystal Healing Buddha Relic Amulet Pendant

Silver Case Color Dice Eye Naga Crystal Healing Buddha Relic Amulet Pendant
Information Item Number
: NA-P0125 Description
: Color Dice Eye of Naga Pendant Material
: Eye of Naga Cave Crystal 100% Total Weight
: ca. 6 grams Size
: 11x11mm Thickness
: 11mm Stone Size
: 8x8mm Type of Stone
: Naga Crystals are Green Perforation/hole
: 4mm Age
: Timeless Origin
: Mekong River , SE Asia Condition
: New Appraisal Appraisal
: $500 History
: it is the ever so famous eye of Naga!!!! I had to search far and wide to finally narrow down this item's mysterious location. This is a genuine cave crystal which has been encased in a silver harness pendant. These powerful stones are said to have magical healing powers within them. This one is also extra special for this particular shape Dice is very hard to find. Please I invite you to take a close look at this one and sheer weight alone will astonish you!!!!!! Due to several requests, I will be taking these cave crystal to local temple to have them blessed. Let the healing powers of this crystal soothe your soul...SEE IT RADIATES WITH ENERGY!!!! Shipping Information
Shipping Option Destination Shipping&Handling (per 1 item) Approximate Transit Time Insurance (Optional) Registered first class airmail World
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