You are bidding on an extremely rare F-4 Missile Selector and Status Panel used in the F-4C, D and other F-4 models. This is located on the lower left of the main instrument panel in the forward cockpit. With this panel the pilot would rotate the selector barrel to one of the Aim-7 Sparrow radar guided missiles or Aim-9 heat seeking missiles located on either wing stations or in one of the four semi-recessed locations on the bottom of the fuselage. The panel would illuminate to confirm missile at that station and he could then hopefully attain missile lock then fire. Almost all of these have been destroyed or defaced by the government's demilling.policy. This one is in really good shape considering its age. To properly restore it the white rotating selector barrel needs to be painted black and the center Push-To-Jettison-Stores button needs to be painted red. This will fit nicely in the F-4D panel I also have listed. Hint hint!!!

Government regulations prevent exporting this item so international bidders please don't bid on this item.

I accept Paypal payments from confirmed addresses only and require immediate payment.

Shipping including insurance is $16 via USPS Priority Mail.