F.B. Rogers Silver Co. 1883/ 2354 Coffee urn with spout

This is a very pretty piece made by F.B.Rogers.It has a crown on it on the underneath side and says 1883 and has the numbers 2354 on it.I got it at an auction.It has a small ding on the lip of the pot.I tried to take a picture of it.I haven't really polished it I started to but its hard work.I know if polished correctly it will look really nice.It stands 17 inches tall and 12 inches wide.It has a spout on it 3 inches wide.It also has a small place on the bottom for a candle I assume.Like I said I got it at an auction and don't know alot about silver items.If you have any questions I will try to answer them Thanks.I have a silver bowl also check it out.Also I checked into shipping and is priced for its weight.I found this sight showing what it looks like.Mine is not in excellent condition t is the small ding on lip of pot and the inside is not perfect. All though I looked at the one on the web page listed and it looks like mine like coffe has been in it. I beleive it can be polished out. Just looks like it has coffee stain, no rust or rough spots on it./detail,rogers-silver-plate,1201901.html