F.E. Myers" Well Pump / Picture pump

This is a "F.E. MYERS & BRO." picture pump. It is made in "ASHLAND O. U.S.A.". This pump has many significant numbered parts on it. The first is on the base. It has the number 3183 on the base after the "U.S.A. and the words "BRASS SEAT" centered between name and origin. On the cylinder is has the number 2685 and under it are the letters "POL" On the handle is the number 2684. On the top on the cylinder it reads "F.E. MYERS & BRO. ASHLAND O."

T are two brasws bolts holding the base and the cylinder together and the handle is attached by 4 pins. This is an all cast iron pump. It is a working pump. It does contain a brass seat. IT HAS THE ORGINAL FACTORY CONDITION PAINT . This pump is very valuable becasue of its condition. It has very few scratch marks.

It weighs approx. 25 lbs and is 19" tall. It is a dull green color.

Antique Pump Enthusiasts Take Notice! You are viewing one of many available, painstakingly restored and operational (F.E.Myers & Co., Gould, Deming, etc.) antique pitcher-style and well pumps. Other colors, styles, and configurations vary, and will be up for auction in the coming weeks. Some have original brass cylinders, glass valve seats, fulcrum tops, new leathers & gaskets, and sharply-detailed raised dates from the foundry. Picture(s) of each will correspond to every
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