F. Kroeber Antique Clock

F. Kroeber Clock Company Iron Mantle Clock

You are bidding on a vintage and rare antique iron mantle clock by F. Kroeber Clock Co. and is listed with no reserve. This Connecticut clockmaker was in business only for two decades or so from the 1870s to the late 1890s. This clock dates to the early to mid 1890s.

This clock really is all about the rarity of F. Kroeber clocks and, in particular, the original label that is on the underside of the base. The label has deteriorated over time as you would imagine, but enough can be seen to discern the âeoeF.âe and the âeoeKâe as well as the beginning of the second letter âeoeRâe. T are no other American clockmakers that have this same F. KR beginning to their name. The model name is clearly visible as âeoeTASMANIAâe. The dimensions are: 11âe height, 10.5âe width, and 5.75âe depth. The enamel on the top of the clock is pitted but when placed on a shelf or mantle is unseen. The works are brass and have been incised with a floral pattern. The mechanism does run with the pendulum and keeps time striking on the half hour and hour. The glass and bezel are intact and work fine and are in excellent condition. The hands appear to be original with the hour hand having a traditional Kroeber design to it. As with all clocks, the works should be oiled and/or serviced to run at
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