H.F.Stager vintage coverlet Lancaster Co Penn 1800's

This is a coverlet by H.F. Stager & Son . He did coverlets in the early to mid-1800's. Colors are green-red-beige-navy. A little deeper than portrayed-flash lightened appearance a bit. The design consists of a flower medallion in the center-grapes-leaves-something that looks like tassels and eagles in the corners. Bottom says: Manuf. by H.F. Stager & Son Mount Joy Lancaster County Penn. Condition overall is nice considering its age. However, please note condition issues and refer to pics. T is almost no fringe left on the top edge-except for a few scraggly pieces. The rest of the piece has some fringe-but and t The bottom 1/3 of the coverlet has the following issues-a couple of small rust spots, a dark stain near one of the bottom tassels-about 3 and 1/2 inches-and this one can be seen on the other side-though not as pronounced. Also t is a 2 and 1/2 area that is threadbare-but it is not worn all the way through. But when viewed from the other side-light comes through. The middle section does not have any holes or stains-but t are areas w thread is missing. The top third of the piece has a stain about 2 inches in diameter. On the top right side edge-t is a 1 inch rust stain-and a 1 inch rip along the edge near the stain. The top right side edge has a rust stain about an inch long with a light staining near it. The top left ... read more