F14 OA Wapsu Woapeu Sisilja Lodge 343 A Mfg'r Pattern

THIS IS A ONE OF A KIND ITEM FOR THE SERIOUS COLLECTOR!!! WOAPEU / WAPSU SISILJA LODGE 314 / 970 A - manufacturer's pattern blow up (blow up ONLY - no patch or flap). Pattern #11111 used in the 1960's. I do not have any other information on this item other than the item itself. It is listed as Wapsu Sisilja Lodge with a 970 and Allogagan.

The pattern prepared by an artist was used prior to computer designed patches to run the embroidery process or to punch the tape drive. The pattern designs measure within a range from 18"x24" to 24"x36" depending on the shape of the item and the amount of paper used by the artist. Great for framing.