Fab Collection Antique French Silk Ribbon Art Deco Book

Amazing Antique Ribbons

I recently ran across this antique 3-ring binder, with French silk ribbon samples on each page.

The woman I procured this from thought it was put together by a seamstress as a way of remembering trims she had used, but it looks more professional than that to me, more like a salesman's sample book. Inside at the top it says FRENCH RIBBONS in an art-decoish typeface. At the bottom it says HILDA ORTH, St. Etienne, which I assume is an address in Paris.

The ribbons are mostly silk, and are held in place with little bars of fabric. Some are watered silk. All are gorgeous.

Stripes, florals, whimsicals for children...I'll let the photos tell the story.

is the outside of the binder, very faded - probably once a navy blue or darker grey color. It is 10" x 11.5. Each page is 8.5" x 11".

Winning US bidder pays $6.00 s/h. International winner pays $25 s/h.
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