A.W. Faber Sure-Grip 6803 leadholder, clip, Germany

A.W. Faber Sure-Grip 6803 leadholder

imprint reads:


lead diameter 2mm.

mechanism Pushbutton spring clutch.

description One-piece tapered knurled aluminum ferrule and straight knurled grip, red plastic barrel tapers from round to hexagonal to round, chromed pocket clip, unusual aluminum bezel on barrel end, red plastic pushbutton.

date 1970s.

origin Germany.

remarks Smaller barrel than USA made 6803s. Color rubbed out of foil imprint, no other signs of use.

Photo of three 6803 is for comparison. This auction is for the German-made 6803 with a clip shown at the top of the photo. A USA-made 6803 is in the middle, the bottom one is Italian-made. See my other auctions for other Sure-Grip 6803 variants.

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