Fabergé “ Fragrance � la Mood Set” Aphrodisia, Flambeau, Tigress, Woodhue Colognes Perfume Company: Fabergé Approximate age : 1960’s

Bottle Type: Commercial

Description: This set of Fabergé bottles was marketed to a younger audience in the 1960’s. The set was labeled “Fragrances � la Mood”.

The bottles of Tigress and Woodhue are still sealed as shown in the photo.

Each bottle is marked around the top Fabergé Cologne and the name of the perfume in gold letters. The tops of Aphrodisia and Flambeau are made of Bakelite, the Tigress cap is covered in a tiger striped felt and the Woodhue is designed to look like wood. E ach bottle is in a plastic holder that is marked Fabergé on the top. The cases slide onto each other so they are connected and they can be separated. The following is what is marked on the individual cases:

Aphrodisia: my mood is sophisticated.

Flambeau: my mood is torchy.

Tigress: my mood is purr-rry.

Woodhue: my mood is inquisitive.

Each bottle is 3” tall. On the bottom of each bottle it is marked Fabergé – Paris , New York & ½ fl.oz. T is also a different number on the bottom of each bottle; Aphrodisia is marked 14, Flambeau is marked 2, Tigress is marked 19 and Woodhue is marked 1.

The cases measure 3 ¼” tall the base measures 1 ¾”. The top
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