The Fabled Deck" Duel Terminal, Makes Shooting Quasar Dragon!! Grimo, Cerburrel

This is a deck that can summon up to two Shooting Quasar Dragons in the first turn, it has a lot of cards that were only provided in the duel terminal almost two years ago. If you are looking for a deck to play or are just wanting good trade bait this is a good investment to buy because it has a total of over 70 dollars worth of cards for 35 dollars!!!
3x The Fabled Ganashia (Duel terminal) 3x Fabled Krus (Secret rare) 3x Fabled Lurrie (Super) 3x The Fabled Nozoochee (2 Super, 1 Duel Terminal) 3x The Fabled Cerburrel (Secret Rare) 2x The Fabled Chawa (Super 1 Duel Terminal 1 Super Rare) 2x Fabled Grimro (Secret Rare, 1 Damaged) 1x Morphing Jar (Common) 1x Fabled Raven (Duel Terminal) 1x Honest (Ultra Rare) 1x Fabled Kushano (Super Rare) 1x Spirit Reaper (Common)
3x Mystical Space Typhoon (Common) 2x Upstart goblin (Common) 2x Dragged Down Into The Grave (Common) 2x Dark World Dealings (Common) 1x Pot of Avarice (Common) 1x Heavy Storm (Common) 1x Monster Reborn (Common) 1x Dark Hole (Common) 1x One Day of Peace (Common)
3x Reckless Greed (2 Rare and 1 Common)
3x Fabled Ragin (Secret Rare) 1x Formula Syncho (Gold Rare) 1x Gaia Knight, The Force Of Earth (Super Rare)