Fabulous Anituqe Moser Pink Cased Heron Bird Aquatic Scene 4 Ftd. Art Glass Vase

Gorgeous old Victorian aged art glass 4 footed vase. Has a white enamel hand painted Heron or Stork Bird In Aquatic Setting scene on 1 side. Fancy golden with raided white beaded edged on all 4 sides and top and bottom and fancy edge beveled bottom feet. It is clear cased over pink and has a off white interior. The craftsmanship is extraordinary. I suspect it is Moser although the only marking is the number 16 on the bottom base. If not Moser then certainly a similar top quality Company from the late 1800's or early 1900's made this. It has no damage and the 4 feet bottoms show wear from age as would be expected....on the very bottom not sides. The gold has some very minor wear mostly on top edge. The vase is 6 5/8" high, 3 3/8" across the top one way and 1 5/8" across the top the other way. You will really enjoy this fine piece of antique art glass!!! I will pack it with care and double box it and insure it for safe delivery.