Fabulous Antique LINEN SHEET - Hand embroidered & Lace - Very Large

Here is a fabulous large antique pure linen sheet all hand worked and decorated to the top edge with needlelace and embroidery. I think the sheet is french in origin as the name Dalmont is laundry marked to one of the lower corners.
The sheet measures 92 inches wide x 122 inches long so will easily well cover a king size bed. It has a 3.25 inch open work hem across the top which extends 32 inches down both sides. There are nine needlelace motifs across the top edge which make the decoration 11 inches deep, these are embellished with hand worked embroidery. The lower hem is hand stitched.
The sheet is in good sturdy condition for its age. There is a rust mark to one corner shown in picture 6 and a darn shown in picture 7 which is 27 inches from the top edge so not really notieable in use. There is a small dark mark in the centre of the sheet and some smaller ones at the bottom end. These look like bed spring oil marks so may remove with some type of 'stain devil' although I have not tried myself. These marks are well out of sight especially the lower ones which would be tucked under the mattress in use.
The sheet is freshly laundered but I was lazy and have only pressed the top few feet across the sheet in order to take the photographs!