Fabulous Deco Sled "Fleet Arrow" 1930's

This is the fabulous deco sled "Fleet Arrow" from the 1930's that will stir memories. Real metal runners with the handle bar that steers (with some help from your foot). Sleek styling wood slats with excellent original paint. The varnished slats are fluted. It is worn in all the right places. I have had this sled for years and as I was carefully inspecting for listing I just noticed that at the tips of the two outer red slats t is a small piece missing. This does not detract from this super sled. It measures 42" and the handle is 24". What a Christmas present for any boy or man/boy. This will require OVERSIZE shipping rates, but it will be worth it. Buyer pays actual for very careful packing and shipping. THIS ITEM WILL NOT BE LISTED.