You will be bidding a gorgeous large older signed Navajo ring. This ring is up for auction from my personal Native American jewelry collection.

The ring is heavy sterling silver and beautiful Nevada turquoise. The Navajo silversmith has crafted this ring with heavy gauge sterling overlay with hand-tooled edging. A double silver twisted rope surrounds the smooth bezeled Nevada blue turquoise stone. The shank of the ring measures ¾ inch wide at the top of the five forked ends and graduates down to ¼ inch at the bottom.

The stone appears to be Easter Turquoise. The Easter Blue mine, discovered in 1907, is near Tonopah, Nevada, in the Royston district. The mine has yielded very little turquoise, but the first turquoise found there was Easter or robin's egg blue, hence the name of the mine. The later yield of the mine has included very attractive large mottled spider web matrix with light blue centers in the webbing, as well as deep blue-green with light to dark brown matrix.

The ring is signed with the Sun and Sun Rays by the Old Navajo silversmith Rod Rendell of the Albuquerque, New Mexico region and is stamped “STERLING.” When I purchased this ring the seller also said that it was made by Rod Rendell.

As I recall, I purchased this as Old Pawn.

Ring size is 8 1/4