Fabulous Lot Vintage Jewelry-Broken Beauties-Kramer, Coro, More-Repair? Harvest?

Most of the jewelry I list is vintage, and in very nice condition. I am selling many estate items from my late Aunt's estate, and some from my Dad's estate too. In addition, I continue to add to my offerings, as I have a neighbor who shops yard sales and buys for me, and, as time allows, I am also shopping for additional pieces to add to my sales. I certainly do not claim to be a jewelry expert, and most of what I have learned about jewelry is from other E-Bayers who have advised me through this experience. I want happy buyers, and I promise that I will describe each item honestly, and do my best to note any obvious flaws, but please remember this is vintage jewelry and has been previously loved.

This auction is for an amazing lot of broken vintage/antique jewelry. Some of these pieces are fixable...some are not. There are some beautiful rhinestones, etc., to use in repair or fix the others. Some are signed. There are some quality pieces here that will be fine with some minor repair....you be the judge.

Here is what I can say for sure:

The bracelet in picture 5 is signed "Kramer", and it's in really nice condition except for three missing rhinestones...2 pink and 1 tiny clear one.

The brooch on the far right in picture 7 is signed "Coro", and is excellent, other than a few small rhinestones missing.
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