Face Jug Cobalt Blue Handmade Southern Folk Art Decorative Pottery by Rock Fort

Face Jug Handmade Southern Folk Art Pottery

This face jug was made by Rock Fort, who lives in Georgia. It is signed on the bottom.

Size: About 5 inches tall and about 4 inches from ear to ear.

Color: cobalt blue face jug. He has white teeth.

All of our glazes are food safe. This jug will hold liquids.

This face jug is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks.

If you buy more than one item, I do combine shipping whenever possible (if the pieces can fit together safely in one box).

History of Face Jugs
There are several stories of the history of the face jug. The origins of the “ugly” face jug tradition are mysterious.
One story of the History of Face Jugs goes like this:
In the past people put moonshine in pottery jugs. Children had a habit of getting into everything including this moonshine. Therefore, the potters put ugly faces on the jugs in order to scare the children away from the moonshine.
Another story of the History of Face Jugs goes like this:
The ugly faces were made on the jugs and put at grave sites to scare the evil spirits away.The tradition of pottery with faces dates back to Egyptian times and appears in many other cultures throughout the ages. The first vessel created in the US was created by an unknown Massachusetts potter around 1
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