Face jugs, Ceramics, Pottery, Folk Art, Ben Watford, NC

I tried this once before and got burned but I am going to try again. This is a biddable item. I am going to start the bidding at $5.00 on this face jug. Please give a poor potter a break and bid on this unique item

This special face jug comes complete with a cork stopper. It is 9 inches tall to the top of the cork and is 5 inches wide from its long ear to long ear. I have been a potter for more than 45 years. My wife swears that I make 0.50 cents an hour considering the time I spend in my shop. Ben Watford - potter {}

Ben Watford, North Carolina Potter

Brief History of Face Jugs.
The most unique piece of southern pottery is the Face jug.
The history of Southern Face Jugs starts with the slave potters in the Edgefield region of South Carolina before the civil War. Face jugs have been made in North Carolina since the early 1800s.
African-American face jug oral history was passed down from generation to generation. Slaves were not allowed to have tombstones. Sometimes pottery or even a face jugs served as their grave markers. The story handed down through the generations was that slaves placed personal items on their loved ones graves along with face jugs. Slaves from Africa revered their ancestors and participated in what we might call ancestor worship. African slaves were taken to the Caribbean
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