$3 Face Value 90% Silver Pre-1965 US Coins Wash Quarters and Merc Dimes ?junk?

$3 Face Value 90% Silver Pre-1965 US Coins
Circulated Washington Quarters and Mercury Dimes

Youare bidding on a variety of circulated 90% silver coins
with a face value of three dollars ($3)
All coins are 90% Silver Washington Quarters and Mercury Dimes
Every auction contains at least 2 quarters & 5 dimes
Only these popular coin types are used in every auction:
Quarters: Washington
Dimes: Mercury
Coins Pictured Are Not Exact Ones You Receive
The dates, mints and types are chosen randomly By Us
but every auction contains at least
two Quarters and five Dimes.
Example combinations per auction:
8-Quarters plus 10-Dimes = $3.00
4-Quarters plus 20-Dimes = $3.00
6-Quarters plus 15-Dimes = $3.00
(other combinations chosen randomly)
These are circulated coins with readable dates.
There are no holes or other severe damage
Most experts agree that Silver will continue to increase in value
and U.S. 90% Silver Coins are a great way to invest
Please look at the pictures and !

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All Sales are Final.

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All Sales are Final.

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