X-Factor # 1 to 10 including hi grade #6 (Jul 1986, Marvel)

A beautiful set of X Factor 1 through 10. This set just keeps growing in value.

Read once and then stored in good quality bags with cardboard backing, these books all look great to me.

Much better than Fine, they look like they are in the very fine to near mint or better category.

But I bought a large collection and did not check each and every book in these low priced lots.

If there is a particular book that WILL MAKE OR BREAK THE DEAL FOR YOU, LET ME KNOW :

I will take extra photos so you can be sure of what you are getting.

I do not want you to be disappointed.

I am not a professional grader, I am only telling you what I see when I look at the books.

They will be shipped well packed and protected.

If you want to spend the extra 7 bucks I will send in a box, otherwise in a padded envelope.