Rare Factory Test Sample, Green Roof 9852 Miller Reefer

This auction is for a one of a kind modern era Lionel 9852 Miller Reefer Car in New/Unused condition. Manufactured in 1973, this version comes with a green roof rather than the typical tuscan roof. The piece is complete and undamaged; box grades Very Good due to handling and storage wear; box flap is marked "Test Sample". The piece came from the 2003 Madison Hardware auction in Detroit.

Be sure to visit my other Lionel postwar auctions on eBay. Shipping discounted for winners of multiple auctions.

Payment due in 7 days from close of auction. Buyer pays $7.00 USPS Priority Mail shipping and handling in the US. Not responsible for lost or damaged merchandise that's uninsured: $2.45 for $100-$200 in value; $4.60 for $200.01-$300 in value; $5.50 for $300.01-$400 in value, $6.40 for $400.01-$500 in value; $7.30 for $500.01-$600 in value; $0.90 for each additional $100 in value over $600. Please e-mail me regarding payment options. Sorry, no personal checks.

Further clarification . . . This car has a Type I body made between 1973-74. However, the car has a green roof with two ice hatches which first appeared on Type II bodies made between 1974-76.

Further clarification . . . the car has a Type I white plastic body painted flat white.