Fairy Girl Doll Easter Fairies Peach White cent 99

Exquisite 14" tall Fairy hand made with peach and ?white or cream accents? Long beautiful Red hair that is curly curly curly down her back ..see photos for details. A must have for any Fairy colle ctor or a neat gift for an Easter Basket!!

An item that was briefly displayed, free of chips, cracks etc. Item pictured is the exact one you will receive..Does not come in the orginal box.

This is a beautiful piece for the price!! In near perfect condition!!!

Unknown maker..has sticker on bottom from Heart to heart novilties..

Light slips 'round ageless treesShadows dance on whispered breeze Fairies choose to gather here Tempting mortals straying nearLook carefully, as fairies hide And wait for believers to come inside Keeping them for a year and day 'Ere longer if they wish to stay
Ethereal magic fills this place Tread carefully throughout their space As nature's guardians, they defend Fairies protect both home and friend While caring for the earth each day Mischief and pranks are their way To remind common man of their pow'r As they enchant day and evening hour
So leave a gift for fairie folk Underneath the tallest oak And, only, if you believe... then Can you enter

I am not an expert in many of the items I sell. I do some reasearch to familiarize myself with each item. With the best
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