FAKE 45 lb Barbell Plates

This auction is for one (1) replica 45 lb barbell plate. These plates are molded out of high-density styrofoam and casted from a real iron plate. The actual weight is 1 lb -11 oz. They are professionally-made, high-quality, theatrical props that will fool even a seasoned weight-lifter up close.

Are you looking for a unique wall hanging for your gym or workout space?

Would you like to create "strongman" pictures for yourself or your clientele?

This is a unique, one-of-a-kind item that you won't find anywhere else (believe me - I tried). To have them custom-made, you'll pay for the model, the mold, materials, and labor - well in excess of $1000 for just a few units.

Buy them here for a fraction of the cost! And to sweeten the deal, shipping is on me.